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Archive for December 2009

Has politics got the X Factor?

In a recent interview, Simon Cowell seemed quite convinced about the merits of a politics based X Factor. Now this is a nice one for Mr Cowell’s bottom line and for TV ad revenue, but do we think it will be beneficial in a wider sense? Mr Cowell is a clever man. And he has effectively seen…

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Feel-good festive ad

I’ve had enough of shouty, noisy, salesy Christmas TV ads already. But blimey, have Waitrose got their TV cracked this Christmas! It might just be me being schmaltzy but I think they’ve captured the nostalgia corner really well. In a year that’s felt like damn hard going for many, I think more than ever people…

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BURN ♥s procurement

After a few long-winded tender processes and chats with others in the industry about procurement and how they affect marketing, we realised that there’s some common preconceptions and stereotypes… Procurement only hire big, well-known agencies Pricing is more important than creativity People and relationships are unimportant Procurement people wear grey, don’t smile and aren’t interesting…

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