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Archive for November 2010

Thinking tenth dimensionally.

We’re often look for new ways to push our thinking, expand our creativity and think outside of the box. But what will we find outside of the box? Another box maybe? Could it be one giant never ending Russian doll? (Whatever was the point of those things? I digress…). This sort of philosophical thought can…

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We’ve always believed in karma at BURN. Be respectful, be kind…and don’t go looking for trouble because what goes round comes round. It’s stood us in good stead. And we think this is a lovely example, especially since this species is ‘deer’ to our hearts.

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Google's Demo Slam

The people at Google have been busy. They’ve been hard at work creating awesome free tools like Sketchup (3D sketching software – check it out) as well as (accidentally) stealing borrowing our personal data. They’ve been so productive that most of us mere mortals have lost track of the tools they have produced. And I imagine that…

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Personal Services…

It’s a fairly well understood principle in marketing that the more relevant a communication is to an individual, the more likely that individual is to respond to it. Of course, the greater the level of response, the more revenue and profit is generated. Obviously, in certain media, personalisation can be difficult – impossible even. However…

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