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Archive for October 2012

Bill’s brilliant act of kindness

Autumn’s here, boots are being dusted off, brollies are out and we’re back to a natural British state of constant semi-dampness. Which after such a brilliant summer of cool Britannia is a bit depressing. So it made our week to see what the local Bill’s restaurant had done as a great bit of local marketing…

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A big thank you

We’re all feeling in good spirits this week. No, we haven’t won a large new piece of business and neither has the Haribo supply been topped up – that happens on Monday. No, the reason for our good humour is that we’ve been inundated with positive client feedback. You’d be surprised what a difference it…

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Oxjam – Music to my Ears

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend one of the four launch nights for Oxjam. If you’re not aware of Oxjam, it’s a month long series of gigs around the UK – all designed to raise money for Oxfam. The events are kicked off in London by some well-known acts playing in Oxfam’s…

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