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Archive for March 2013

Get blogging!

That’s been the rallying cry from within the ranks here at BURN to those few amongst us who fear the unknown; the thought of voicing an opinion that will be ‘out there’ for evermore with a name attached; offering people the chance to review and comment which, in our heads, basically means they’ll criticise -suck their…

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Do QR codes work?

  We’ve all seen them, sneaking onto crisp packets, the ad’s in the Sunday magazines, cereal boxes… they’re everywhere. The cubist, beefed-up, younger brother of the barcode is slowly gaining ground. But does it work, and is it here to stay?   The quick answer is here… What’s a QR code anyway? QR (Quick response)…

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New Draft EU Data Protection Legislation

You may not be aware but the EU is currently debating the introduction of new Data Protection Legislation. Were the current proposals to come into force, the effects on both Direct Marketers and the wider business community could be huge – it’s no exaggeration to say that it would turn the online marketing industry on…

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Good advice sticks

I’m a passionate photographer and love trying out new ways to capture interesting shots. A group of us from the London Photography Meetup Group braved the cold on Saturday night, standing in Green Park ‘painting’ with various light sources – we got some great shots.  When someone suggested walking to the Millennium Bridge to take…

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Digital print – a technique to improve direct marketing results

I’m showing my age now however I remember the days when laser personalisation was the new ‘kid on the block’ for variable and targeted messaging in Direct Marketing campaigns! However time has marched on and the ever increasing capability of digital presses now offer direct marketers greater flexibility in producing targeted DM comms with unlimited…

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Of Monsters and Men

We like music at BURN. It’s a critical part of what makes our office tick. The team here have a variety of music tastes but regardless of what’s playing we’d all rather work whilst listening to music than sit in silence. Yes, I know your teachers will have told you that silence is golden and aids concentration. But the…

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How to run an agency pitch

You need a new agency but how on earth do you go about finding the ‘one’? It’s as daunting as dating and shares many similarities – you’ve got to have chemistry and you need to be compatible. Here’s our handy guide to the pitch process and the pitfalls to avoid… 1. Flirt with possibility Start…

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The pains and the gains 18 months on


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