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Archive for April 2015

RAR Awards 2015 Winner – Best DM Agency


Fresh from a swanky evening of good food and great company, we’re happy to announce that last night we won Best Direct Marketing Agency in the UK for the second year in a row at the Recommended Agency Register Awards. We’ve enjoyed a lot of success with awards recently – most notably with RAR – having now…

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Literal Democrats: The importance of proofreading


We had a couple of emails from the Lib Dems yesterday that really highlight the importance of proofreading… Here’s the first… And the second… Whoops indeed! Did they do it on purpose just so they could highlight the ‘shortcomings’ of their rival parties in a follow-up email? Perhaps, but I think not. You only have…

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Language of the heart


Mark Zuckerberg surprised a lot of people last year when he addressed a packed Q&A session in Beijing, in Chinese. The audience members were impressed – as well they should’ve been. No one knew he spoke Chinese and it’s a difficult language to learn. Mr Zuckerberg said he learned the language so he could talk…

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BURN 2015 Chip Shop Awards entries


The Chip Shop Awards A celebration of creativity with no boundaries. The perfect place to show creative ads that otherwise might not see the light of day. Whether they’re for brands you don’t work for, for brands bound by guidelines or budget, or even ideas that wouldn’t get past industry regulators. A perfect world for creatives, really,…

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