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Archive for July 2015

Red hot creative


If you’ve not yet seen our previous blog about One Minute Briefs, it’s a community of brilliant creatives on twitter who tackle ad briefs every weekday. The point of a One Minute Brief is to stop worrying about having bad ideas and just jot down an ad in sixty seconds. It’s a liberating concept and more often…

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Not standing for sitting


Having first read about the benefits of standing desks in a Daily Mail article (take what you like from such readership) I did a little more research and found that there are mounting medical reports that discuss how sitting for much of the day is a degenerative health factor, completely unrelated to how much you exercise.…

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The BHF t-shirt challenge


We’re delighted to announce that the British Heart Foundation is going to produce another one of our t-shirt designs to sell in its online shop! Each year, all creative agencies working with the BHF are challenged to help raise funds by coming up with designs that embody their inspirational personality, their relentless desire to dig…

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Good luck Katarina!


Sometimes really amazing clients come along and everything about your relationship just works. That happened for us with Katarina Viglaska of the British Heart Foundation, with whom we have worked on their Heart Matters programme for three years now. Our close collaboration and shared ‘test and learn’ ethos has put us in the position to…

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