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Doing your bit for East Africa

Millions are needed to avert the crisis The scenes unfolding in East Africa are truly awful. The misery inflicted on thousands of families by the droughts brings tears to the eyes.

An article in the Sun the other day shone a light on the generosity of the British towards catastrophic events such as this. Britain led the list of donators with £90m so far committed. The next highest country was the US with £30m. There were several countries, such as France, who had made no contribution to the relief effort at all according to the article.

Frankly I find the slow reaction of some major economies to this issue, staggering. That’s why I was incredibly proud to find that the Charity Water brand I helped found 8 years ago, One Water, has made a donation of over £1m to help these poor people. That’s more than the French government has contributed so far and they’re one of the biggest economies in Europe.

What started off as a pub conversation about how we could use our expertise to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and subsequently led to the launch of the One brand, has truly come of age with a donation of this scale. It’s a magnificent effort by all the people who have given their time and effort to making One into the brand it is today.

But it’s also down to the incredible kindness and sensibility of the British people who continue to support good causes to an extent that no other country does either through direct donations to charity or indirectly by supporting brands like One.

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