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Top tips for account handlers

Plate Spinning

As the main day to day contact, Account Handlers help ensure the client’s overall needs are met by co-ordinating the agency services. It’s a vital role and requires certain skills. Here are my top tips for account handling excellence:

Lists are your friends!

With the sheer number of tasks you need to manage every day, you can’t expect to remember everything.  You may be working across several different clients, on a variety of different projects. So, before the end of each day, list out your work for the following day – you’ll be surprised how easily you forget things overnight.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Got a big meeting?  Thinking of reading through your work on the train on the way there? Fail.

The key to being knowledgeable in front of clients is to prepare.  Take your time to go through what you’re working on so you’re not caught on the hop, especially where figures are concerned.

Focus on attention to detail

One of the key skills of an Account Handler is excellent attention to detail.  Without it, mistakes happen: campaigns can go live with errors, deadlines can slip and costs can creep.

If you’re proof-reading, a good tip is to read it backwards – that way, you’re less likely to skim over the familiar content, instead focussing on the exact words you’re reading (and thereby spotting any mistakes along the way).

Never assume

It’s easy in a busy life to make assumptions and these can often be wrong. So, always check, double check and triple check briefs you receive to make sure you understand everything. It will save time in the long run.

Be methodical

As an account handler you have to be good at spinning plates. You could be developing  SEO strategies for one client, working out response rates for another, critiquing creative or working on a post campaign evaluation. Not to mention, keeping up with admin (and tea making!) all in the same day!

But don’t be daunted…just take your time and work your way through things methodically – and ask for help when you need it.

And lastly…

Smile, smile, smile

No matter how tough a day is, the client is paying for a service and ultimately, they do say that service should come with a smile ;-).


Image: by Lissalou66

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