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When good ideas go viral…

Our campaign for the College of LawOne good way to rate the value of a marketing idea is to assess its virality. Does the concept have sufficient cut-through and engagement to encourage the target audience to spread the message on your behalf?

There’s a general perception that this type of behaviour only ever happens in the business-to-consumer environment and more often than not amongst youth brands. Wrong. It can happen in any sector and to any audience. It all comes down to the strength of the idea.

We were delighted that our recent campaign for the College of Law targeting legal firms has had just such an effect. Consisting of on- and 0ff-line advertising, web content and DM, the campaign used Airfix-style illustrations of a male and female lawyer to communicate the central proposition – namely that the College of Law helps create the perfect modern lawyer. The DM went even further, introducing an element of playability by allowing you to ‘break up’ the model and reconstruct it at your desk.

Roll on Friday (one of the best read legal blogs in the UK) picked up the DM element of the campaign and had some fun with it – delivering some lovely free publicity for College at the same time. You can read the post here.

It also proves once again that business people are ‘human’ too. Forget about the old stuffy approach to business-to-business marketing. The people you’re targeting don’t suddenly become stiff and lacking in humour when they walk into work. Good ideas will always resonate.