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It’s a fairly well understood principle in marketing that the more relevant a communication is to an individual, the more likely that individual is to respond to it. Of course, the greater the level of response, the more revenue and profit is generated.

Obviously, in certain media, personalisation can be difficult – impossible even. However there are plenty of channels where marketers can and should be tailoring their messaging to improve their results: direct mail, email and online are three perfect examples. What frustrates me is the small number of companies that actually take advantage of this glaring opportunity.

Park Resorts - Personalisation of mailers

I’m not talking about inserting a name and address into a lasered letter, that’s basic hygiene. I mean tailoring the messages, images and offers to reflect the personal behaviour and attitudes of the recipient. Making them feel you really understand them and their needs.

I appreciate that this level of tailoring can cost more than the ‘one size fits all’ approach. However in our experience the uplift in response and revenue almost always outweighs the increase in production costs – which incidentally are reducing all the time.

It’s something we’ve proved once again in our recent work with Park Resorts. A highly personalised illustrated letter and mini-brochure, which reflected the customers previous holiday destination, accommodation grade and family composition in both words and pictures achieved a fantastic response rate and ROI. And we’re now rolling out a new campaign to launch the 2011 brochure.

So, if you’re not already, my advice is to give your customers the personal treatment. It certainly pays off.

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