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Advent Calendars and their Marketing Benefits: Our Shortlist

By Burn •

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It’s come to our attention that many brands have been creating wonderful advent calendars for the past few years. No longer is an advent calendar simply revenue generating opportunity for brands and a delicious chocolatey treat for consumers. They provide an opportunity for huge social media traction as well as a way to ‘paid-sample’ new or alternative products.

That age old saying “try before you buy” even stands strong for large retailers keen for consumers to get to know their products. We have to mention M&S’s advent calendar which last year caused the website to crash when demand outstripped supply for this festive special.

And we can understand it! We simply couldn’t resist sharing some of our favourites. Take a look at our absolute top picks of really cool advent calendars available this year… bravo, guys, bravo!

  1. Close your eyes veggies – pork scratching advent calendars

At an affordable £15 you can indulge in 24 mini bags of gourmet treats. It’s official, pork crackling is now gourmet and brand, The Snaffling Pig, want you to know about them.  (Note: They’re stocked at our local, The Orange Tree, and we can confirm, they are delicious.)

  1. Cheese advent calendars

ASDA has pulled a corker, and is releasing an £8 cheese advent calendar. Great news – it is suitable for vegetarians. Hurry along, as we think this one will fly off the shelves (if it hasn’t already)!

  1. Honest Brew’s Craft Beer advent calendars

For the beer lovers, this calendar includes 24 different 330ml beers for £64.90. We suggest sharing this calendar with colleagues…

  1. One for the kids and arguably the adults too…

Star Wars and Lego. A match made in heaven and yours to take home for £24. 

  1. For the Jo Malone lovers with a generous budget…

Jo Malone, the wonderful fragrance brand whose perfumes have the longevity factor… who wouldn’t love to be gifted this?! 

  1. For those who love great beauty products… on a budget!

A compromise on the Jo Malone calendar… You Magazine have gathered some of the best beauty brands to deliver a beautiful calendar with £245 worth of product for £60. 

  1. And we had to feature…

ALDI’s £49.99 wine advent calendar, already sold out online, so demanding a visit to your nearest ALDI. We suggest picking up some wine for Christmas while you’re at it.