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Most Instagrammable London Spots to Visit Now

Never before has the art of visual storytelling been more popular or more relevant, and no other social media platform has shaped the capacity for mass-sharing visuals and lifestyle-influence quite like Instagram. A recent article published in The Independent has gone so far as to propose that the most important factor millennials and Gen Z consider when choosing a holiday destination is how “Instagrammable” it is #sadfact.

I must admit that I’ve been known to troll through Instagram in search of holiday inspiration, “hearting” any photograph of a long cocktail or infinity pool. Once upon a time, it was stacks of dog-eared Wanderlust Magazine or Conde Nast Traveller, but there is something so gratifying in lying horizontally, scrolling and absorbing endless #travelporn.

In this regard, the post-modern marketer needs to shift focus towards Instagram, versus that of Twitter (especially if millennials are the target audience). Consumers have become more visual – Influenced by photos, video and brand interaction. According to a recent Pew Research Centre report, nearly 60 percent of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29, with nearly half of total users visiting the platform at least once per day. This is a contrast to Twitter, which only has 36 percent of its audience between the ages and 18 and 29, with a far more perfunctory visitor set. Instagram is especially useful for the cost-conscious marketer, through the use of sponsored ads to reach those outside of their organic network, ultimately boosting brand relevance and engagement on a [comparative] shoestring.

In the spirit of upping your Insta-game and perhaps satisfying the millennial within, here are some of BURN’s most Insta-worthy places (for now) in London:


Richmond Hill – An obvious choice for us BURNers, a mere ten-minute walk from the office affords the only view in England protected by an Act of Parliament.

Petersham Nurseries, Richmond & Covent Garden – Buy a cactus (or twelve, in my case) take a workshop and eat as many samples of antipasti that you can get away with.

Kew Garden’s Palm House – The Victoria iron and glass structure is the perfect spot on a radiant day, with lush greens that will whisk your mind away to exotic, far-off places.

V&A Cafe and Courtyard – Visit the William Morris Room on a gloomy day and have a £5 coffee to lift your spirits (just don’t think about the prices) and take in the opulent decor.

Banksy Graffiti at the Barbican Centre – The anonymous artist has paid homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat with two new pieces in a tunnel which explicitly doesn’t permit graffiti. Pose for a picture before visiting Boom for Real and find the rebel within (it’s called art, mum, look it up!)

Palm Vaults, Hackney – With vegan treats, pastel lattes, and hanging baskets – this cafe is like a Wes Anderson daydream

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden – This kaleidoscope of shops and cafes are an age-old favourite for locals and tourists alike. Start a “live story” and overwhelm your audience with the brightest colours imaginable.

Tonight Josephine, Waterloo – Celebrate “Girl Power” and join the Bande De Filles, or “Josephine’s Gang.” Pay homage to the French Empress and take a selfie with a neon sign and a cocktail.

Columbia Road Flower Market – What isn’t Instagrammable about a flower market? *Swoon.* Many of the shops are independent and only open at the weekend, so it’s worth the ridiculously early start to pretend you’re the leading character in a romantic French film.

Duck and Waffle, Moorgate – Step 1: Take a picture of food #foodporn Step 2: Take a picture of the view #blessed #londonlife Step 3: Realise you’re afraid of heights and start drinking copious amounts (take picture of subsequent drinks, whimsically situated on the table) Step 4: Carousel those bad-boys on the ‘gram #instagood





Photo credit goes to Junior Account Manager Emma Haynes. For more visuals search Instagram handles Em.Haynes or lefeministkilljoy for Jess Kazmin