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Time for a Money Renaissance?

By Burn •

Have you ever thought about our current system of money? Questioned whether it is safe? Wondered whether there are better alternatives? We hadn’t until we met Ralph Hazell and read his amazing book ‘The Decentralised Renaissance’.

Provocative. Controversial. Challenging. It’s certainly all of these things but blimey, it also stuns you out of the sleep-walk we’re all in, simply accepting our current system of ‘fiat money’ as if it is the only option that ever existed. Ralph (an ex derivatives trader turned fintech entrepreneur) coherently argues that our current system is broken and is run mostly for the benefit of big business, big banking and big government. Our banking structure is over-leveraged (still) and backed by nothing but enormous government debt.

He makes a strong case for the reinvention of money, including Tally™ which he created with friend and colleague, Cameron Parry. Tally™ is a physical gold currency, designed as a mainstream challenger and providing the ‘safety and security of a tangible asset’ with the ‘utility and convenience of everyday banking.’

The book gives a brief and fascinating history of money, from bartering with gold and barley, through to the rise of peer-to-peer platforms, right up to the present day. Ralph argues we’re on the edge of a shift in how our capitalist system works, with a power shift from the big guys to the little guys on the cards as profits of successful enterprise are distributed more equitably. This, the Decentralised Renaissance, may surprise us with its speed and depth. It’s a good read. If you trust people and tangibles more than big business and banks, it’s a persuasive point of view.