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What makes Burn an award winning agency?

By Burn •

  • Best Practice

Burn is an award winning agency. For the past few years we’ve been gaining recognition for our work in DM, email, CRM, digital, data and plenty more.

2018 RAR Awards: Effectiveness, Client Services, Data, Strategic Thinking and the Grand Prix

Most recently, at the RAR awards, we took home not one but five accolades – our best haul ever.

But what makes us stand out from the crowd? At the end of the day, it’s all down to people, so we thought it was best to ask the team themselves!

So Burn team, what sets us apart as an award winning agency?

“I think our clients feel supported by us and trust us”

“We work well together with our clients, we involve them every step of the way”

“We’re collaborative and we focus on the quality of the work we’re doing”

“Like our clients, we just want to make the best work possible”

“We excel at thinking, creating and doing in equal measure”

“We’re genuinely passionate about what we do”

“We love what we do and we’re dedicated to delivering results through engagement”

“Our mix of youth and experience gives us an edge. Plus, we’re all united by wanting to make great work”

“We combine great talent with great teamwork internally and externally”

“We create real relationships with our clients – it’s more than just professional, just work, we are actual partners and often friends”

So, consistent teamwork and collaboration are at the core of what we do. At the end of the day, relationships are the all important thing.

To hear more about creating rewarding relationships, come and say hello.