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Quickbooks TV Ad

TV ad for Intuit

By Adam Ball / February 28, 2012

  We’re pleased to say that our TV advertisement for Intuit QuickBooks, the UK’s number one small business accounting software, is live on air. The direct response TV ad was produced in 30 second and 60 second lengths and is running on mix of Sky channels targeting small business owners.  Designed to drive direct sales,…

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How to Get Rich Quick – The Lesson Behind the Facebook IPO

By Adam Ball / February 8, 2012

The IPO of Facebook is producing some amazing stories of wealth. Of course the main focus is on Mark Zuckerberg and the billions he’ll be worth. Not bad for a young man who set up his company 8 years ago. But that’s a story that’s been circulating for years. The staggering numbers have just been…

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A new site and a Christmas competition!

By Adam Ball / December 9, 2011

The more perceptive amongst you might have noticed that we have a luvverly new site. Thanks to everyone that’s got stuck in and fitted it around client work – especially Adam and Andrew. Extra special thanks to some of our lovely clients who wanted to go on video and sing our praises. Take a minute…

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When good ideas go viral…

By Adam Ball / September 28, 2011

One good way to rate the value of a marketing idea is to assess its virality. Does the concept have sufficient cut-through and engagement to encourage the target audience to spread the message on your behalf? There’s a general perception that this type of behaviour only ever happens in the business-to-consumer environment and more often…

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Doing your bit for East Africa

By Adam Ball / August 5, 2011

 The scenes unfolding in East Africa are truly awful. The misery inflicted on thousands of families by the droughts brings tears to the eyes. An article in the Sun the other day shone a light on the generosity of the British towards catastrophic events such as this. Britain led the list of donators with £90m…

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Top Tips to Improve Direct Mail and Email Results

By Adam Ball / May 31, 2011

We’re often asked whether there are any sure-fire ways to improve client’s direct marketing effectiveness. It’s a difficult question to answer. The problem is that each piece of direct marketing is different in terms of objective, target audience, incentives used, selected communication media etc. The things that make one campaign successful won’t necessarily work on…

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How to improve the growth of your business…

By Adam Ball / May 27, 2011

Improving growth is easy if you’re in the horticultural game… It’s simply a case of sun and water. This year’s Chelsea Flower Show had a lot of the former over its first few days. Unfortunately for us, yesterday they had a lot of the latter too. Typically that was the day that Julie and I…

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