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When Innovation Doesn't Work

By Adam Ball / October 17, 2016

We love innovation. It’s what sets the trailblazers apart from the Sunday drivers, and we want to be seen as trailblazers in all we do. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out how things were intended. This is especially true in the world of Wearable Technology, a growth area for one of our clients, O2.…

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Digital Engagement

Maximise Customer Engagement: Digital

By Adam Ball / September 12, 2016

One of the things we’re absolutely passionate about at BURN is engagement. In our view, both client-side and agency-side marketeers dedicate too little time to ensuring that communication materials really resonate with their target audience. And that leads to a lot of wasted work by a lot of people. Dave Trott, who knows a thing…

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