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Global Creativity

Cannes Lions 2017 review: a celebration of creativity.

By Adam Ball / November 7, 2017

I was fortunate enough to go along to a presentation of the 2017 Cannes Lions Awards Winners presented by Patrick Collister, Google’s Head of Design and organised by the MAA a little while ago. It was a brilliant showcase of global creativity. Collister split the awards into four ‘festivals’: Technology, Ads, Goodness and Content, then proceeded…

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Bill’s brilliant act of kindness

By Adam Ball / October 11, 2012

Autumn’s here, boots are being dusted off, brollies are out and we’re back to a natural British state of constant semi-dampness. Which after such a brilliant summer of cool Britannia is a bit depressing. So it made our week to see what the local Bill’s restaurant had done as a great bit of local marketing…

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To pin, or not to pin

By Adam Ball / May 29, 2012

Pinterest – are you part of it?  According to Experian Hitwise, it’s the third largest social network site in the US, surpassing Linkedin and tagged with over 12 million users. Earlier this year comScore reported the site was the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. Pinterest users create…

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Slowly does it…

By Adam Ball / May 10, 2012

I saw this great YouTube clip the other day from a Danish TV programme called Dumt & Farligt (Stupid & Dangerous). The show format seems a simple one – the presenters destroy household objects in a variety of ways for the amusement of the audience. (It reminds me of a primetime version of Blendtec’s famous…

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Is Facebook destroying real relationships?

By Adam Ball / January 25, 2010

In this technological age, most people are members of some form of ‘social networking website’ – the likes of MySpace for those who make music, Bebo for the younger generation, LinkedIn for the business professionals and Facebook for almost, well, everybody. But is this necessarily a good thing? 

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Feel-good festive ad

By Adam Ball / December 10, 2009

I’ve had enough of shouty, noisy, salesy Christmas TV ads already. But blimey, have Waitrose got their TV cracked this Christmas! It might just be me being schmaltzy but I think they’ve captured the nostalgia corner really well. In a year that’s felt like damn hard going for many, I think more than ever people…

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Will iPhone app for nervous flyers take off?

By Adam Ball / November 16, 2009

The highly acclaimed Virgin ‘Flying without Fear’ course – with a 98% success rate – is now available as an app for the iPhone.  Will it take off?

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Food for thought

By Adam Ball / November 13, 2009

Now here at BURN towers we all love our food. It’s one of the true joys in life and second only to drink in our opinion. That said, even we were alarmed by a new site called Foodista. It brings the concept of the Wiki to cooking instructions, which in our view is a recipe…

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