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Don't be such a banker

By Adam Ball / October 22, 2015

After graduating, I worked for a major bank, processing ISA transactions. Back then, the most you could put in your ISA each year was £5,340. Some people used to send in cheques for the full amount. When that happened, their money had to sit in a holding account for a few days, where it would…

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King of burgers. King of marketing

By Adam Ball / August 27, 2015

In case you missed it, yesterday Burger King launched a genius campaign to form a one-time-only coalition with its nemesis, McDonald’s. Why? To celebrate, and raise awareness of, World Peace Day on September 21st. A website was launched, full page press ads ran in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune – the paper local…

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The art of communication

By Adam Ball / June 26, 2015

With the huge number of communication platforms available today, it seems that getting in touch really should be easier than ever before. With calls, texts, Instant Messages, Skype, email and more, there’s no reason why we should ever struggle to hear from anyone. But is communication better or worse in today’s world? Fast, efficient, constant…

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Never stop improving

By Adam Ball / June 23, 2015

For anyone who doesn’t know (where have you been hiding?), One Minute Briefs is a community of creatives that respond to live briefs on twitter, every weekday. There’s only one rule – you have one minute to create an ad. Run by Nick Entwistle and his seemingly endless Bank of Creativity, the briefs range from speculative…

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What I think of the Protein World ads

By Adam Ball / May 1, 2015

Everyone’s seen these ads by now (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) They’ve kicked up quite a storm beyond the world of marketing. And after all the furore, I just thought I’d throw in my two cents. The ad is obviously made for a specific target audience. But by definition, if your ad…

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Method Marketing

By Adam Ball / February 12, 2015

There aren’t that many agencies in the UK that can claim our expertise in marketing to small businesses. That’s a bold statement, I know. There are, of course, lots of specialist B2B agencies out there – whereas by contrast, BURN works on both B2C as well as B2B accounts. So why do I think we,…

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Marketing marketing

By Adam Ball / February 6, 2015

There’s a general consensus, it seems, that the standard of copywriting in the UK is not as high as it used to be. As a marketeer, it’s only natural to wonder what the problem is. But as a copywriter, it’s real cause for concern. Has the profession changed? What about the marketing industry? Are copywriters…

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Bad sales people can be great for your brand

By Adam Ball / November 10, 2014

My first job was in a call centre for a telecoms company. We received inbound calls only, so people always had a question or a problem they needed solving. But while we were called ‘customer service’, we were actually just a sales team. I was a terrible salesman though, rarely hitting any of my targets,…

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Brand You

By Adam Ball / May 7, 2014

Whilst arguing with my girlfriend the other evening, she threw the old phrase at me: “It’s not what you said John, it’s how you said it!” Extremely frustrated by this, it got me thinking. Do we come across in certain ways, even unintentionally? Why does the way we say things or the way we do…

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Music to my ears…

By Adam Ball / April 9, 2014

Who needs a TV ad with a wordy script when you could choose a brilliant song to bring your idea to life? Music comes in a variety of ‘flavours’ – uplifting, haunting, happy, sad, sentimental etc. That means that no matter what the subject matter of your ad, you can find a song to suit.…

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