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Direct mail vs. digital trends in travel marketing

By Adam Ball / March 21, 2014

When was the last time you paid full price for a break or holiday? Or didn’t at least do several cost comparisons? We’ve all become savvier at seeking out great value. That luxury holiday with £500 off, those two free nights in paradise, that boutique hotel break which was such a snip you boasted about…

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Have an 'Appy Wedding

By Adam Ball / February 28, 2014

I’m currently in the planning stages for my wedding next year. I have to say, the wealth of information, tips and ideas available for the big day, can be a little daunting!  I’m sure all brides-to-be are familiar with Pinterest and wedding blogs such as Whimsical Wonderland Weddings  as first stops for wedding inspiration. However, less…

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The coolest Winter Olympic print ads

By Adam Ball / February 21, 2014

Although the Winter Olympics are coming to a close, they have been a great source of great excitement in the office over the last few weeks with key talking points featuring heavily in conversation. We’re all fans of quality design at BURN, so I’ve decided to take our new-found love of the Winter Olympics and…

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An Experiment in Charity Marketing

By Adam Ball / February 18, 2014

More than ¾’s of British adults give to good causes in any month – the highest proportion of any developed country. There has also been a recent rise in the number of people volunteering to help others, according to The World Giving index. With both these factors in mind, I decided to run an experiment…

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How are brands engaging with Sochi 2014?

By Adam Ball / February 10, 2014

As we all know, plenty of controversy has surrounded the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The Games have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, from opposition surrounding the country’s anti-gay laws to controversy around the safety of the event. The feeling amongst the UK couldn’t be more different to August 2012 when London prepared…

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Middle Lane Marketing

By Adam Ball / February 7, 2014

The recent bad weather seems to bring out more and more middle lane drivers – people that just don’t acknowledge the existence of the left hand lane under any circumstances. I get it – kind of. When it’s pouring down with rain and you can’t see as well, you want to change lanes as little…

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In pursuit of nostalgia

By Adam Ball / January 27, 2014

I got the phone call from Germany two weeks before my wedding. “I’ve found one – early ’70s Cinelli, not bad condition for its age and it’s complete, perhaps even 80% original – do you want it?”. It was not good timing but I did. Alex runs a vintage bicycle shop in Berlin and I’d…

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The evolution of advertising or the regression of man?

By Adam Ball / December 3, 2013

What has happening to the way men are represented in ad land over the years? Back in the seventies there was a trucker. He was all alone, on the road, manfully driving his beast of a lorry and delivering who knows what, who knows where, to who knows who – all to the jangling strings…

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How employees can get ahead at Halloween

By Adam Ball / October 29, 2013

Leave the trick and treating, apple bobbing and strange costumes to the kids this year while you focus on these spooky tips to show how spectacular you are at work. You may be employed but don’t let that stop you doing some self-promotion (or at least some self-preservation). 1. BE PRESENT NOT ABSENT The average…

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Never miss an opportunity to stand out

By Adam Ball / October 9, 2013

I’m trying to sell my car. Having moved to London where I take the bus or tube everywhere, I’ve decided I don’t need it any more. So, while researching how much similar makes and models go for and the best place to market it, I’ve discovered that from an individual standpoint there’s very little marketing…

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