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Driving sales with digital

The power of digital marketing to drive awareness and sales efficiently is well understood. But increasing competition for eyeballs means standing out is becoming increasingly difficult.

Your digital communications will be richer and more effective thanks to our suite of proprietary tools which optimise targeting, engagement and response.

& Apps

Brochure and e-commerce websites

The key to a successful site is to engage your visitors. Clear propositions, intuitive navigation and strong content help. We’ve built sites for large corporates through to smaller challenger brands, committing the same level of care and attention to both and ensuring the best possible experience for visitors.

Native web apps

More than half of web traffic goes through mobile devices now. If you’re not considering how you leverage this traffic, then you’re losing out.

We’ll help you identify the best way to do this. Whether the answer is a web or native app, we’ll then develop a solution which is highly engaging - just as we’ve done for clients including the UK Government.

Social &

Video and animation

If pictures paint a thousand words then moving images paint many more.

We’re expert at creating bespoke animations for use in email, social and online. We can also plan and shoot bespoke video content or edit existing footage to suit different media requirements – sweating your asset.

Social Posts, Content and Ads

Social media is embedded in the fabric of our lives. Billions of eyeballs are directed towards networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube every day.

We can help you get noticed on these platforms – through impactful advertising, viral promotions or compelling content.


PPC and Display Ads

Whether your objective is to build awareness or drive response, there is a digital advertising solution to meet your needs. We can help you select the most appropriate channel from Google Adwords to Programmatic Display and then create high impact, creative ads. We’ll also set up, monitor and optimise your campaigns to drive increasing efficiency.

Email Design and Build

Email is a hugely efficient marketing tool. But its popularity means it’s often hard to command attention.

BURN’s proprietary Engagement Framework, helps achieve that. We use a variety of techniques and tools to build interactivity, response and virality into the pixel-perfect emails we design and build.


Personal URLs (PURLs) are a great way to increase relevance, and in turn response, by smoothing out friction in a customer journey. We can plan and develop PURL page templates which will leverage the value in your data. We’ll then generate the unique URL strings to insert into your emails and drive the page personalisation.