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BURN ♥s procurement

After a few long-winded tender processes and chats with others in the industry about procurement and how they affect marketing, we realised that there’s some common preconceptions and stereotypes…

  • Procurement only hire big, well-known agencies
  • Pricing is more important than creativity
  • People and relationships are unimportant
  • Procurement people wear grey, don’t smile and aren’t interesting

(that’s a lot of P’s)

At BURN we didn’t believe this was the case, so we thought we’d put this and other questions to the test by scientific means. Using our Proven Creativity research tool, we developed a survey and threw it to those baying cost controllers. The findings make for some pretty interesting reading. Here’s some nuggets:

  • Creativity was the single most important factor when selecting an agency (wow!)
  • Whilst absolute cost was seen as important, transparency and ROI were seen as being more defining
  • They are aware that we marketers and agencies often perceive them as bean counters that don’t add value creatively (and disagree)
  • We couldn’t confirm whether they only wear grey, but we did find that a lot of answers and comments were passionate and often funny

It’s good to de-bunk commonly held misconceptions. It’s even better when it underpins the way you’ve chosen build your agency – creative, ROI focussed, transparent and committed to building jolly good relationships.

Drop us a line if you’d like a copy of the findings. In the meantime I’m off to lunch some of those pretty passionate procurement peeps.

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