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Christmas Crackers!

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day-ay-ay-ay.

So, the festive season is on us again and the elves at BURN HQ have been busy answering the toughest brief of the year. The agency Christmas card… Obviously this took priority over all the client work and we whittled the long-list of Cannes winning ideas down to ‘Christmas Crackers’.

Beautiful in its simplicity, whilst shamelessly leaping on the social media bandwagon, ‘Christmas Crackers’ invites you to tweet us your best and worst Christmas Cracker-esque jokes in order to try and win a ‘surprise’ festive hamper (we haven’t worked out what’s in it yet).

So, the cards are printed. 40 kilos of bespoke BURN humbugs have arrived. The signing, packing, posting operation is complete and the BURN Christmas cards are in the post!

You can get involved with our Christmas Crackers promotion here.