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"I’m a Celebrity"…the ultimate PR tool?

One of the first things that we’ve found ourselves doing during the average office morning, as everyone is settling down to their first coffee of the day and watching the emails pouring in, is a quick catch up on the previous night’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here episode.

Now, I haven’t always been an avid fan, but this series in particular has caught my eye due to the presence of one genuine, reality TV villain. If you missed all the fun, that individual was none other than Gillian McKeith. Her constant whining, theatrical frailty, and ability to get under others’ skin were the largest contributors to this series’ entertainment by a long way. 

And now it’s all over and she’s long since been evicted,  what’s next for her? That’s something that intrigues me greatly. Somewhere out there, despite all the unanimously bad press, there is a crafty marketer eyeing her up as the perfect advocate for his latest product. An insect-repellent spray? Smelling salts? A tongue-in-cheek butcher’s shop? All of the above? I guarantee it’s not the last we’ve heard of Gillian.

For as they say, no press is bad press…

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