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The true cost of our dismal display in the FIFA World Cup 2010

The wheels have well and truly fallen off the bandwagon as England humiliatingly crash out of the FIFA World Cup. Even more disappointing after this group of players was said to offer “our best chance to win since ‘66”. This ladies and gentlemen, was our “Golden Generation”.

Look back only a couple of days and you’ll see a swarm of patriotic and hopeful advertisements, perhaps most notably Carlsberg and Mars with their individual efforts at instilling passion and hope into the hearts of the British public.

I’ve recently read an interesting article on the economic impact of the FIFA World Cup, the headline being “FIFA World Cup 2010 adds £1.6 billion GDP to UK economy”.  Now, the article clearly states that these predictions have been based on the likelihood that England will reach the semi-finals of the tournament. So, with England now out, it looks like we’re due yet more depressing economic news. The fact that we were expected to reach the semi-finals by miserly bookie averages, just goes to show how much the England team has underperformed.

One of my colleagues posted an article on the 3rd June highlighting a Currys’ promotion which offered “£10 cash back for every England goal scored during the FIFA World Cup”. Well, the senior management of that particular store chain must be sitting pretty on the money thrown at them by fanatical England fans blinded by their belief and trust in England’s ability to put the ball in the net. Well if they can be bothered to fill in the inevitable paperwork, then the princely sum of £30 will be theirs in return for their blind faith. Let’s face it, someone has done well out of this promotion and it’s unlikely to have been the customers.

I suppose we can only hope now that the pubs of Britain will be overrun by disillusioned fans drowning their sorrows in vast quantities of alcohol. It’s a fact that our economic recovery partially relies on the great British tradition of turning to drink when our sport teams fail. This, ironically, is a sobering thought.

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