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Halloween Social

Yesterday we had a social to celebrate Halloween. Yes, on a Tuesday night. The rationale was to celebrate on actual Halloween, but in hindsight that was deranged decision. Never again.

Moving on from the regret, the celebrations began early with the consumption of copious festive doughnuts and pun-filled team training.

Then, after work, some of us had our faces painted by our BDM: designs ranged from cobwebs, to pirates, to Hello Kitty (that’s what you get for ‘I don’t mind, do whatever you like!’). Once we looked the part, we packed up and the pub crawl around Richmond commenced (see house work < client work priority map below). Celebrations started at The Orange Tree, then we had one, or maybe two, drinks at No 1a Duke Street, The White Cross, The Victoria Inn and finally Be at One before calling it a night. While playing ‘Drink While You Think’ (rules here) at the first pub, we realised during the ‘Animal Category’ that barely any animals start with ‘N’. Obviously proceeding to deliberately think of animals ending in ‘N’ to ensure the next person had to drink/think for a very long time.

Good fun was had by all, but next time, I’ll organise it for a Thursday.



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  1. Jess on November 3, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Narwal-newt-needlefish-naked mole rat.

    Nailed it.

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