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HubSpot Onboarding

Just purchased HubSpot and looking to get going? Get your business and team working around HubSpot quickly with our onboarding services. Whether it’s a basic setup or full customised build, our onboarding services ensure that your settings, data, processes and HubSpot packages are working for you.


  • HubSpot Platform Setup
  • Process Mapping & Design
  • Data Cleaning & Enrichment
  • Training
  • Integrations

Our onboarding process is built around you with specialist HubSpot and RevOps expertise

1. Discovery

We'll take the time to understand your business, challenges, requirements and team to see how and where HubSpot can support you.

2. System, Data & Process Review

We'll review your current ways of working, existing systems, and data structures, to get a clear lay of the land, where improvements can be made and what good could look like

3. Solution Design

We'll get to work designing your HubSpot CRM solution based on your chosen Hub's and estimated implementation timelines.

4. HubSpot Build 

We'll get to work building out on your HubSpot platform, including any data, platform, integration and automation requirements.

5. Launch & Enablement

We'll train and educate you on how to use and get the most from your HubSpot platform, with team training sessions, documents and how to go guides.

6. Support

We'll be here to answer any management or technical questions for 30 days after your HubSpot platform launches to ensure you're comfortable using the system.

Our HubSpot credentials

HubSpot has a wide range of globally recognised credentials that our team continuously work on to obtain. By doing so, we have proven knowledge of the HubSpot platform, allowing us to advise you effectively and with confidence. 

HubSpot Credential badges; Email marketing, Growth Driven Design, Developers II, HubSpot Revenue Operations Certified & Inbound

 HubSpot onboarding services 

Hubspot Platform Setup

Setting your HubSpot CRM system up correctly from the get-go is imperative. Get it right and you’ll enjoy one of the world's best technology platforms pain free and at a reasonable cost. Get it wrong and you could be in an endless cycle of pain and expenditure...

Process Mapping & Design

The benefit of having a platform like HubSpot in place is its flexibility to be built around your business. It'll help make you smarter, more efficient, and provide better customer experiences which fundamentally drive revenue...

Data Cleaning & Enrichment

The foundation of a successful HubSpot platform lies in its data quality. From beginning to end, data is the key to unlocking its full potential...


Introducing and implementing any new form of technology, it’s imperative to get off on the right foot...


Whilst HubSpot is a fantastic experience platform on its own, it also plays nicely with other technologies...

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Other HubSpot services

  • Improve & Scale your HubSpot Platform

    Is your HubSpot platform feeling a little unloved or are you looking to get more from it? 

    Let's optimise
  • HubSpot Design & Development

    Need your website to do more for you? Create personalised experiences your audience will love.

    Let's get creative
  • HubSpot Training & Management

    Looking to educate, train and enable your teams to get the most out of HubSpot?

    Learn how
  • “Working with the team at Burn is a real pleasure. They approach our challenges with a great deal of conceptual breadth and strategic strength. As a result, our campaigns perform beyond expectations.”

    Reshna Radiven, Head of Marketing & Communications


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