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A sign of good taste

The 5th November is our official birthday. We’re a bit like the queen in that we have two. We were incorporated in April 2005 but in reality we didn’t start trading until November of that year – so it was only natural with a name like BURN that we chose the 5th to celebrate our official launch. Well here we are six years later and we’re still going strong. I guess we must be doing something right.

This year we decided to celebrate in a more sophisticated way with a wine tasting and curry supper organised and run by an old friend of mine Sam Redfern. Sam took us through a tasting involving two whites and two reds (split between old world and new world). It was highly informative – although the measures were a little over-generous for a wine tasting… Still no one complained.

Sam had then prepared a huge curry banquet to soak up the wine. He’d made a range of dishes all of which were delicious – particularly his signature dish of Pakistani Chicken. It was nothing more than I’d expect from a former Masterchef contestant…

We followed dinner with a less structured “wine tasting” which lasted until the early hours. Needless to say, there were a few sore heads the next day but I think everyone had a good time. Let’s just say, there was plenty of recycling to sort out the next day.

If anyone is interested in a similar event, you can contact Sam via his website here.

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