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Why Facebook is dead – according to Millennials

During my work experience at BURN, I’ve been able to witness, first hand, the importance of social media within the industry. It is clear that the idea of marketing is changing with the evolution of the Internet and particularly sites such as Snapchat peaking in popularity amongst Millennials. Social media has benefited marketers greatly, helping companies to save thousands annually as they move away from traditional platforms such as radio, TV and print. Thanks to social sites such as Twitter and Instagram, companies are selling more for free just by a simple tweet or message.

Growing up in the age of the “social media revolution”, I have seen the shift in popularity in different social media platforms amongst young people – even just within the last few years. In April 2017, there were 1.86bn monthly active users on Facebook. However, statistics show that the vast majority of Millennials would not identify with Facebook as their main source of communication – preferring Snapchat instead. Even my own use of the site has vastly decreased since I first joined in 2011.

These trends in the usage of Social Media amongst Millennials, are vital for marketers to understand if they intend to target a younger age group. And new innovations such as the “Discover” page on Snapchat (which caters to the interests of the younger generation, with news on subjects such as The Kardashians, beauty products and the latest Buzzfeed.

But why is it that Snapchat has become so popular? From May 2015 to May 2016, Snapchat’s daily video views have increased by 400% and are expected to hit 18 billion views by May 2017. It is suggested that the informality of Snapchat and the fact the messages disappear after they are viewed, is the reason it stands out and is now more widely used by young people than Facebook. It is said that young people also are increasingly less interested in looking back on their past and prefer updating their friends with current events. This is why Snapchat’s story feature, which deletes content after 24 hours has made the application increasingly appealing to this generation.

Certainly, the experience of myself and my friends would reinforce this view.

Alice Morrin

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