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Flying High

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One of the interesting things we came across this week was this article on Wired . Apparently some chap called Jarno Smeets, a Dutch engineer, has developed some bird-like wings that enable him to fly.

It’s clearly a fake (in fact the latest update to the article suggests that a Dutch artist called Floris Kaayk has already confirmed it as an elaborate hoax). However, it did get us thinking about the ‘what if’ scenario. It’s everyone’s dream to be able to fly – just think of the advantages.

Firstly, getting to work would be a doddle. No more sitting in traffic on the M4 to get into London or travelling with your nose under someone’s armpit on a smelly tube. Simply spread your wings and rise above the maelstrom below. You’d be there in no time.

Then there’s the peace and quiet. In this connected world, we’re bombarded with messages the entire time whether that’s online, on TV, in the papers, on the side of the road or whatever.

Of course, we have to take our own responsibility here at BURN for some of those. But it doesn’t stop us from advocating the benefits of occasional quiet time to think, consider and create. Flying has to be the ultimate way of ‘getting away from it all’ and freeing your mind.

Unfortunately despite Jarno Smeets protestations, this dream is unlikely to become a reality. Until then, flying will continue to mean rushing for a Ryanair plane with your elbows out and sitting uncomfortably in a small seat whilst a baby cries in your ear.

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