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Innovative Direct Marketing Ideas

Innovative direct marketing ideas can be hard to come by, so we’ve looked at the latest research to see what ideas it conjures for us.

Self-destructing batteries capable of powering a calculator for 15 minutes have been developed at Iowa University.

Batteries and their attached communications will cease to exist after being submerged for 30 minutes in water.

Uses range from keeping military secrets, halving the need for surgery when temporary implants are needed or as wash-away meteorological sensors.

Inspiration for Innovative Direct Marketing Ideas

So if we bring the idea of a simple self-destroying mechanism to our world? As the UK’s Number one agency for DM (as well as CRM and data) our minds naturally thought about some fun ways this could be used as innovative direct marketing ideas.

  • Perfect to highlight the temporary nature of a CTA for a luxury brand
    • “So exclusive, it’s gone in seconds”
    • From the time of opening we offer a prestigious seat number that can only be found inside the DM. This highlights its exclusivity, and shows that we know how in-demand these seats will be, so we’re confident you’ll buy to be part of this exclusive group.
  • A great way to show paper disappearing
    • A company could make their final paper communication disintegrate to show they’re doing their bit to go totally paper-free. “Say goodbye to paper”
    • Alternatively it could be used to show how quickly rainforest is disappearing due to unnecessary paper use, although the communication would certainly need to be made of something other than paper to be taken seriously. “Say goodbye to the forest”
  • A communication selling worldwide minutes packages
    • The pack would be full of SMS texts which would then disappear. So when the message has self-destroyed all we’re left with is a “calling mum” sign and a CTA to enrol on a minute-only tariff. “Talk more”

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