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Method Marketing

Talent Cupboard

There aren’t that many agencies in the UK that can claim our expertise in marketing to small businesses. That’s a bold statement, I know.

There are, of course, lots of specialist B2B agencies out there – whereas by contrast, BURN works on both B2C as well as B2B accounts. So why do I think we, as generalists, justify that accolade?

Well, our experience is extensive. Within the last few years, we’ve run numerous campaigns targeting the small business community for clients as diverse as O2, British Gas, PayPal, eBay and Intuit amongst others. But, that said, there are agencies who can boast much the same  I’m sure.

No, the real reason I believe we are in a prime place to help clients looking to target SMEs is the unparalleled level of connectedness we have with the small business community. And that comes through our sister business Talent Cupboard.

We set up Talent Cupboard four years ago. It’s an online marketplace that matches small businesses with the next generation of creative and coding talent, studying at colleges around the UK. The businesses get high quality, affordable design and marketing, whilst the students get work experience and the opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’.

It’s a multi-award winning business and has enabled us to build powerful relationships amongst key influencers in the small business space as well as working with thousands of small businesses directly on a regular basis. And this day-to-day access into the heart of the small business community delivers lots of BIG advantages for BURN and our clients:

  • It gives us an extremely deep understanding of the challenges and needs of the small business audience – the insights upon which great campaigns can be built.
  •  It gives us a deep knowledge of the macro factors that are likely to affect small businesses in the future – allowing us to better support our clients from a NPD and marketing perspective.
  • It gives us an unbelievably strong network of contacts – allowing us to help our clients build cost-efficient partnership activity more quickly than is normally possible.
  • It makes us empathetic to the challenges clients face in targeting this audience –as we run our own business in this space.

Some thespians use a thing called “method acting” to help them deliver the ultimate performance. The technique, developed by Constantin Stanislavski, involves stepping into the shoes of the person they are due to play for a period of time so they can understand exactly how they’d behave in any situation. It helps them deliver a more life-like performance.

Our approach to small businesses is similar. We immerse ourselves within their community every single day, which means we’re primed to deliver the best possible marketing solutions for our clients whenever they need us to. Method Marketing you might call it…