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Now or never…

Consumers today are spoilt for choice as companies are becoming increasingly consumer-centric in their efforts to please and retain customers. The online world is leading the way forward satisfying this real time ‘need it now’ mentality. Consumers now have the opportunity to shop around until they find the right product, at the right price and have the product in hand within 24 hours – all without leaving the house.  Trend spotting website Springwise have dubbed this emerging trend ‘NOWISM’.

A good example of this trend can be seen in the emergence of a Sydney based online retailer called Shoes of Prey. Shoe addicts can create their own one of a kind shoe design according to their personal taste. Consumers are able to choose from a variety of design options on style, colour, heel height, additional decorations and material ensuring you can get exactly what you want, without any compromise. The biggest problem is choosing which design combination you like best….

Some would argue this strong shift towards the ‘now’ influence has been building over many years as the attitudes and expectations of society have evolved. Brands need to react to these demands and provide adequate solutions for consumer’s ‘need it now’ thirst. And that will mean a growing importance being placed on innovation and creativity.

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