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The coolest Winter Olympic print ads

Although the Winter Olympics are coming to a close, they have been a great source of great excitement in the office over the last few weeks with key talking points featuring heavily in conversation.

We’re all fans of quality design at BURN, so I’ve decided to take our new-found love of the Winter Olympics and combine it with our passion for aesthetics by taking a look at the coolest Winter Olympic poster and print ads over the years.

1948 Winter Olympics

The first poster for a Winter Olympics after a 12-year absence due to World War II signaled hope for the future as two skiers looked towards the Sun.

1984 Sarajevo

Ismar Mujezinovic’s watercolour illustrations for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo are full of energy and highlight the intensity of competing perfectly.

1998 Nagano

Katsumi Asaba’s poster for Nagano 1998, highlights how jaw dropping some of the Winter Olympics sports really are.

Sapporo 1972

Yusaku Kamekura designed this minimalist poster for the 1972 Sapporo Games.

Lake Placid 1980


Lake Placid 1980 2

The 1980 Lake Placid posters featured some very cool CMYK separations that help to convey movement.

Omega 1988

Omega have sponsored the winter Olympics for many years and their posters never fail to impress. The blurred colours of the German flag around the bobsleigh, gives the viewer an impressive sense of the velocity at which the athletes are travelling.