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Innovative Ideas Equals New Business

Being creative is a part of our everyday lives. In fact, it’s a big part of what clients pay us for. So, it’s important we create an environment at BURN where people are encouraged to think laterally and empowered to present ideas – no matter how off-the-wall they may at first appear. I suspect this approach is not unique to BURN and is typical of most agencies.

Where I think BURN differs from its peers, is the way we bring innovation to our own business.

When Julie and I set the agency up, one thing we felt uncomfortable about was the way agencies hid behind job titles in the traditional costing model. It creates a lack of openness and clarity and forces clients to dig deeper to find out why a particular person is spending so long on a project.

So, we re-invented the model. BURN calculates all its costs on the basis of time spend undertaking a particular job function (Thinking, Creating or Doing) not based on the time invested by a particular person. Result? Transparency and a rapid agreement on scope of work.

Equally, we didn’t believe the agency creative development process was as effective as it could be. The ‘ta-dah’ moment when you unveil your creative execution felt too unscientific. We were convinced that there was a way of improving the resonance and thereby results of creative work by consulting the target audience on execution – imagery, headlines, messaging hierarchy etc.  So, we developed Proven Creativity – with astonishing results.

In 2011, our desire to re-invent another broken process led us to set up a sister business, Talent Cupboard.

Talent Cupboard is a company with a social purpose, whose aim is to help young creative and coding undergraduates get the real-life work experience they need to break into our industry. They do this by working on briefs supplied by small businesses, who in turn struggle to find high quality, affordable marketing solutions.

It’s a win:win business and a great example of innovative thinking at work.

Why not view our case study below which explains how Talent Cupboard has helped over 7000 students and almost 13,000 businesses to date.



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