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10k fun run for the RNLI

I spent the early part of this year working on our RNLI account’s Mayday fundraising campaign, and in that time I’ve really got to know what it’s all about.

As part of the project, we assembled a “fundraising pack” for people who were interesting in getting involved with Mayday. Naturally, I ordered one for myself, to see it in the paper flesh.

So there it was, at my front door, marketing at me to “fundraise, lifesave”. A very convincing line even if I do say so myself. After writing for so many weeks about the volunteer lifeboat crews, I felt very connected to the cause and felt that I could and should so something to show my support.

We ran 10k for the RNLI dressed as Captain Birdseye and his Fish Finger

We dithered about what fundraiser to throw. I briefly considered a cake sale and then promptly remembered I can’t bake. I toyed with the idea of a bring-and-buy sale but then remembered I possess nothing of any value. I thought about busking, but then remembered my singing voice is more akin to  Dirty Harry than Debbie Harry.

So a fun run it was, which we completed in a Personal WORST time for us both, finishing 10k on 29 May in 1 hour 2 minutes. However, spare a thought for the quite unwelcome insulation of a plastic beard and captain’s jacket, or a sleeve of padded orange tunic might bring.

Warming up for the RNLI
We chose a Captain Birdseye and his Fish Finger since it is vaguely maritime in nature, but mostly for the lols. Plus it’s always good to have at least one beard per running partnership

It was a great day out, my main memory of the day was people going “oh you must be hot!” reminding me of my ongoing torment.

We’re accepting donations until 15 June, so visit this page if you want to donate to help save lives at sea.

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