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BURN Gig Night – Palma Violets

Palma Violets, gig, Hippodrome, BURN, live music, Kingston, Sam FryarThe Palma Violets burst onto the music scene with their 2012 release ‘Best of Friends’, their nomination in the BBC Sound of 2013 poll and their highly acclaimed first album,“180.”

The release of their latest album ‘Danger in the Club’ was the reason for our visit to see them in Kingston last Thursday (6/5) – and we were expecting a sell out crowd.

For such a hot band, we were a little surprised by the lack of queue outside when we arrived but although the crowd was modest in size, they certainly made up for it in enthusiasm.

Album launch gigs can be a bit hit and miss. There’s always a danger you’ll find yourself standing through an entire set you’re not yet familiar with, as the band shows off their shiny new songs. But the best give you a fair balance of the classics alongside the new stuff. And that’s what we got with Palma Violets.

Wearing a fedora, lead singer Sam Fryar bore more than a passing resemblance to Pete Doherty – and sounded similar too. The band mixed up old and new tracks – all delivered with the familiar energy that those who’ve seen the band before have come to expect. The highlight of the night was a rousing rendition of ‘Best of Friends’, which had the crowd singing along in full voice.

After the gig, we all tucked into bottles of Stella at £2 a pop and watched the election results come in whilst listening to the usual New Slang indie DJs. It was all a bit surreal, but a cracking night nonetheless.

We’ll be back at the Hippodrome in a few weeks to see the Vaccines. It should be another good night.


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