You go girls!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking our clients at The RHS out for a wonderful Christmas lunch.

Our venue was The Refinery on Southwark Street. Although we were eating late, the place was buzzing. The food was both tasty and fulsome – main courses included sea bass, roast pork and roast turkey. The wine was really good too and flowed at a somewhat alarming rate.

There were a mix of sartorial styles in the venue. But chief among them was this season’s favourite fashion – the paper crown matched with the Christmas jumper. There were some tremendous examples on display.

Bearing in mind the trendy clientele in the venue (present company included), it was no surprise to find the nation’s favourite stylist, Mr Gok Wan, standing at the bar taking notes. So two of the trendier young things in our party, Victoria and Louisa, decided to say hello. And here’s the proof… You go girls!

Gok Wan


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