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We've worked with Park Resorts for over 6 years. During that time we've evolved their direct marketing from a simple one-size-fits-all approach to a highly personalised and efficient 1-to-1 marketing programme, delivering substantial returns.


The Park Resorts annual brochure mailing is their biggest piece of marketing activity of the year. Our goal was to increase repeat bookings, whilst reducing the cost of contact.

Park Resorts Marketing

Personalisation Pays

Using digital print technology, we personalise offers, copy and imagery within the DM based on a customer's previous booking details. As a result, each individual communication is truly unique and highly relevant to the recipient.

Intelligent Data Planning

Each mailing is carefully planned based on insights identified in the data and results achieved from previously activity. We have segmented the customer base into over 30 core groups and tested formats to identify the most efficient way of securing a booking. 

Efficient Email

Park Resorts’ database is relatively rich, so we recommended moving towards one-to-one personalisation in email as well as DM. Our email format is sent to older segments where cost-efficiency from DM is harder to achieve. Email is also used to follow-up DM to drive response.

Park Resorts Marketing

Outstanding Results


We've constantly improved results year-on-year. Cost per booking has been reduced by over 50% through format testing. Response rates have been dramatically increased through personalisation. And repeat booking levels are at an all-time high.

Our Data Strategy on Park Resorts was recognised in the recent DMA Awards. 

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