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The power of personalisation

Perfecting results for Park Resorts


Park Resorts’ (now Park Dean Resorts) direct marketing was ‘one size fits all’ when we began working with them. Over seven years, we evolved the approach to a highly segmented, personalised and efficient 1-to-1 marketing programme, delivering substantial returns.

park resorts personalisation
Highly personalised direct mail
personalised direct mail
Highly personalised direct mail


To increase repeat bookings and reduce cost per contact, we embarked upon data and communications planning to shape our programme, segmenting the base into over 30 core groups. Then, using digital print technology, we personalised direct mail based on the customer’s previous booking details. As a result, each individual communication was truly unique and highly relevant to the recipient. In addition we heavily tested (e.g. timings, formats, offers, follow ups) to identify the most efficient means of generating bookings amongst each group. And we leveraged personalised emails too, in solus and follow up capacities.

personalised postcard marketing


Results improved every year for six years. Cost per booking was reduced by over 50% over this period and response rates were dramatically increased through personalisation. In addition, booking levels increased year on year, every year. Our data strategy was recognised in the DMA awards and personalisation is embedded within the agency as an area of deep expertise.

Personalised emails
Personalised emails
personalised email marekting
Personalised emails