Royal Horticultural Society

Sowing Seeds

The Royal Horticultural Society appointed us to maintain and grow its membership base. We've worked with them for over five years to help them achieve that.

Growing Membership

We developed new strategies to acquire members - testing creative, offers and media in the process to drive efficiency.

We improved the existing retention programme by reviewing customer journeys and developing new communications to improve member engagement. 

Success through brand response

All our communications are highly impactful and strongly branded but in addition have a number of proven direct response techniques within them to drive action.

Royal Horticultural Society
Royal Horticultural Society
Royal Horticultural Society

Targeted Direct Marketing

We created targeted DM to acquire, welcome, retain and win back members. We start every campaign with the numbers - ensuring we can expect an ROI from the get-go. Every campaign is carefully measured, evaluated and reported to ensure constant improvement. 

Royal Horticultural Society

The gift of gardening

We developed a new gift pack and then promoted it via integrated campaigns at Christmas and Mother's Day.

Royal Horticultural Society

Driving ticket sales for shows

We created beautiful and effective Direct Mail to promote the RHS's shows.

RHS members were targeted with a message regarding their priority window and ticket discount. This was designed both to drive sales but also to increase member engagement. 

Royal Horticultural Society

Outstanding Results

The RHS community continues to thrive and grow and has now achieved its highest ever membership level and its lowest ever churn  rate.

We also achieved our record DM response rate of 25% on one of our mailings meaning that 1 in 4 people mailed made a directly attributable purchase.

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