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BHF x BURN Acquisition Celebration

Last Wednesday, the team from BURN and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) who have been working on BHF’s Heart Matters went to Dishoom to celebrate smashing the year’s goal.     We’re very proud to say that, thanks to the great teamwork with our BHF clients, we have exceeded our highest ever acquisition target for…

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We are excited to announce that we have won a place on the RNLI’s roster following a tender and pitch process involving multiple undisclosed agencies and are happy to confirm that we will lead the RNLI’s key ‘Mayday’ campaign for 2017, which will galvanise existing and new support for the RNLI. Julie Cheetham, MD at…

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Don't be such a banker


After graduating, I worked for a major bank, processing ISA transactions. Back then, the most you could put in your ISA each year was £5,340. Some people used to send in cheques for the full amount. When that happened, their money had to sit in a holding account for a few days, where it would…

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The BHF t-shirt challenge


We’re delighted to announce that the British Heart Foundation is going to produce another one of our t-shirt designs to sell in its online shop! Each year, all creative agencies working with the BHF are challenged to help raise funds by coming up with designs that embody their inspirational personality, their relentless desire to dig…

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Make a simple switch to become a One Water "instant hero"

Our partnership with ONE has been intensified recently with the launch of the Instant Hero campaign. As our joint MD Guy is a co-founder, we are all incredibly passionate about spreading the word of the ONE Foundation’s wholly charitable ONE Water, as profits go straight to worthy causes in Africa. There are a billion people…

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An Experiment in Charity Marketing

More than ¾’s of British adults give to good causes in any month – the highest proportion of any developed country. There has also been a recent rise in the number of people volunteering to help others, according to The World Giving index. With both these factors in mind, I decided to run an experiment…

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Oxjam – Music to my Ears

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend one of the four launch nights for Oxjam. If you’re not aware of Oxjam, it’s a month long series of gigs around the UK – all designed to raise money for Oxfam. The events are kicked off in London by some well-known acts playing in Oxfam’s…

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Doing your bit for East Africa

 The scenes unfolding in East Africa are truly awful. The misery inflicted on thousands of families by the droughts brings tears to the eyes. An article in the Sun the other day shone a light on the generosity of the British towards catastrophic events such as this. Britain led the list of donators with £90m…

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