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Officially the best direct marketing agency in the UK

RAR Awards Best Direct Marketing Agency Winner

Most awards tend to leave us cold. Let’s face it, the industry bodies and publications run the award ceremonies to make money or simply for self-congratulatory purposes. And the flabby, big name agencies, with plenty of creative down-time available to hone their entries, are mostly the ones who win.

So it’s particularly nice to have won the RAR Awards 2012 Best DM Agency Award. Unlike others, it’s an award that:

– Is not focused on the success of one campaign only, but rather long term success
– Is voted for by clients rather than industry flunkeys
– Is not a triumph of style over substance in terms of entry form

Being recognised by clients as the best DM agency in the UK for our size is great of course. But BURN is a lot more than just a top DM agency. The integrated, brand response nature of our business means we cover much more ground than just direct mail and email.

However interestingly, one thing that underpins our approach to all forms of marketing is the drive to deliver impactful, highly-targeted, efficient work that generates real results.  And I guess some of that stems from our background in digital and direct marketing, where these skills are absolutely vital to success. For that reason, we’ll be raising a glass to our clients and RAR and thanking them for this great award that really means something.

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  1. Tim Carbol on May 25, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Awesome job!!!