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BURN Meets Unbound 2017

Earlier this month, I ventured out of my South West bubble to visit the East (London that is).

The event was Unbound 2017: An event touting the power of uncovering innovation and promising connections to brands and corporations with disruptive technologies.  I arrived at the industrial, East London venue (Old Truman Brewery) marching past gaudy street art and concept coffee houses, to be  immediately welcomed by a food truck called “MOTHER CLUCKER” and a massive modern art piece spelling “DAMN.”

The chromatic stairs lead to a stark venue, but it was buzzing with life. There were visitors from all corners of the globe scanning each other’s lanyard for contact details (the new business card) and animatedly discussing his or her unique innovations.  Using my Unbound app, I was able to direct myself with ease rather than aimlessly wandering around and eating sponsored cotton candy.

These were some of my highlights:

  1. PaveGen

What:  The world’s first “smart” street using the power of kinetic technology to generate electricity.

Wow: Multifunctional component-parts generate electricity from footfall, which is a system poised to power the cities of tomorrow for a more environmentally sustainable future.

  1. Sensiks

What: Sensory reality pods in which audio-visual experiences are synchronised with scent, temperature, air flow, trembles, taste and light frequencies so it feels that you are actually in the experience.

Wow: One field applied by sensory reality is mental care, including treatment of dementia and PTSD. Stimulating all senses simultaneously and connecting them to a harmonious integral experience has been proven by biometric sensors to create groundbreaking results in the treatment of mental illness.

  1. Pulp

What: The wine club for people who don’t “do” wine clubs. Personalised wines sent monthly with fundamental wine knowledge broken down into bite-sized lessons on your mobile.

Wow:  Wine becomes a “learning tool,” using a sophisticated algorithm to evaluate your personal tastes and create a “Wine ID.”

  1. SafetoNet

What: The next generation of cyber safety, it protects the privacy of children and young adults using the web whilst allowing you to trust they will remain safe online.

Wow: Ground-breaking technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify and block harmful messages and content before it’s seen and the damage is done.

Here at BURN, we are keen on innovation.

The creation of our innovation newsletter, Swilicon tech meetup and other initiatives keep us at the forefront of what’s happening in the unique sphere of progressive advancements. Events like Unbound are right up our alley- See you all next year!