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Best agency for data 2021

By Burn •

  • Data

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve won the Best Agency for Data 2021 at The Drum Recommends awards for the second year running. These awards are voted for by clients – making them all the more desirable.

Data is increasingly recognised as one of the most valuable assets in any organisation. So, being acknowledged as the best in the business at harnessing, interpreting and using that asset to maximise value is a real coup.

Our expertise is understanding how to use data to make communications more effective and engaging. We identify who to target, with what, when, how and why and by so doing improve response rates and reduce cost. That’s a win:win. Why not see how effective the approach can be in this case study for one of our travel clients?

When working with clients on data projects, we always follow these simple guidelines:

  • Simplify the complex – use language and principles people understand
  • Demonstrate the potential – show the business the transformative power of data
  • Invest in the asset – data requires regular cleansing and enhancing to maximise its value
  • Think customer first – use data to help customers buy rather than selling to them
  • Test, learn, evolve – always validate assumptions and try to improve constantly

If you’d like to learn more about how BURN can help you maximise the value from your data, why not get in contact today?