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The Magnificent Seven – More Awards Nominations for Burn

By Burn •

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Tuesday marked the announcement of the RAR Awards finalists for 2018. Historically we’ve done really well in these being voted Best DM Agency and Best CRM and Data Agency in the UK on several occasions.

This year I’m delighted to say that we’ve been declared a finalist in no less than 7 (SEVEN!) categories.

  1. Best DM Agency in the UK
  2. Best Data Agency in the UK
  3. Best Agency for Creativity and Innovation
  4. Best Agency for Strategic Thinking
  5. Best Agency for Service Delivery
  6. Best Agency for Client Service
  7. Best Agency for Effectiveness

There are lots of awards an agency such as Burn could target – the MAA “Do Different” Awards, the DMA Awards, the IPA Effectiveness Awards etc. However, there is always something special about the RAR Awards. The reason? They are awarded based on the votes of clients and are totally reflective of each agency’s consistent day-to-day performance. You can’t trick them as some agencies do with a piece of work created specifically to target an award and mask their (often) mediocre general output.

They are very hard to win too. There are over 9,000 agencies rated by clients on the Recommended Agencies Register. The database is designed to help clients find the best agency to support them on particular projects by leveraging the recommendations of others. Each agency is rated by marketing discipline and also by a number of other performance and value-based metrics.

It’s hats off again to our team here at BURN. I particularly love the fact that we’re getting recognised across multiple departments this year too. It feels like a very ’rounded’ recognition of our performance. Our Creative team has been pushing the envelope and it’s been noticed. Our Client Service department has been delivering consistently high service levels – taking the pressure off clients. Our Planners have been developing highly effective strategies. And our Data guys continue to deliver better and better campaign results by building engagement through relevance.

Who knows what will happen at the Awards Ceremony at the end of April? For now, forgive us if we bask in the glory of a record-breaking number of nominations for the agency.

To the pub!