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Triumph Over Adversity

By Burn •

  • Award

It’s amazing to see how people are pulling together at this time of crisis and how positivity can be found in the darkest of places. Together, we will prevail.

And on that note, the Burn team has prevailed again in The Drum Recommends Awards. Today, we were announced as the winners of three awards:

  • UK’s Number 1 for Strategic Thinking
  • UK’s Number 1 for Data
  • UK’s Number 1 for Direct Marketing

While this is not a time to be self-congratulatory, it is a time to celebrate team achievements. And that’s exactly what this is. It’s a plaudit to the talented team at BURN who have put in extraordinary performances for our clients. And our clients richly deserve to share the accolades too – we are so thankful for their ongoing partnerships and for allowing us to create success together.

Working together, we’ll all win out and we will triumph over adversity.