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Making heroes of everyday folk


One Water are the UK's leading ethical drinks brand. 100% of One Water’s profits go to funding water projects in the world’s most deprived areas.


One Water


  • Awareness programme
  • Insight driven creative and proposition development
  • Integrated campaign

The challenge

100% of One Water’s profits go to funding water projects in the world’s most deprived areas. This gives them a clear USP in a saturated market (no pun intended). One came to Burn to generate awareness – and on a charity budget. An integrated campaign with lateral thinking was in order, to maximise exposure.ONE_WATER--optimised-min

The solution

Insight sparked the core concept here. We recognised that if people knew just how heroic buying One Water is, they’d feel pretty good about themselves. So we developed the proposition: ‘Instant hero. Just Add Water’. And we set out to do the opposite of most charity campaigns. No guilt trips. No cash donations. Just the feel good factor.

Creative used stock photography with our hand-drawn additions, turning people into instant heroes. This was inexpensive and ‘home-spun’ but had great cut-through and established a distinctive identity across all campaign elements.

The campaign was truly 360°, consisting of cross track posters, radio sponsorship, experiential, digital posters, couponing, an on-pack promotion, ‘clean’ graffiti and even temporary tattoos became a medium! The fulcrum for all channels was a feature-rich microsite which utilised a number of creative ideas to stimulate social sharing.ONE_WATER_SCREENS2-min


Big results were achieved on a small budget.


  • 40m impacts via advertising
  • 50% engagement with the microsite functions
  • 200 new shop listings opened by our supporters
  • Thousands ‘heroified’ themselves, shared and entered the competition -with 8.5k superpowers sorted!
  • Sales increase of 20% in the London area during the campaignONE_WATER2-min

"Burn absolutely smashed the campaign. With all the budgeting restrictions, we never thought we could yield such great results."

Duncan Goose, One Water Founder

One Water