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GDPR. The pains and the gains 18 months on

It was one of the biggest changes to data protection laws in many years. The arrival of GDPR in May 2018, was met by a collective groan by many marketeers who feared not only the decimation of their marketing databases but months of remedial work to achieve compliance.

But what has the effect been 18 months on? This White Paper looks at the benefits and challenges that the regulations have created. It considers:

  • The different approaches to implementation
  • The effect on response rates and media selection
  • Consumer perceptions to their data
  • The winners and losers
  • The strategies you can adopt going forward to minimise drops in income

If your marketing database has dropped in size, as many have, the paper explains our approach to re-building your data set and avoiding a significant commercial ‘black hole’ in the coming years. Drawing on our experience in lead generation, we’ll explain the steps you have to take to ensure you recruit engaged prospects, at the right price, to plug the gaps that GDPR has created.

If you’d like help to regrow your database, we’d love to chat. Contact Guy McConnell on 0208 332 7204 or via our contact form.