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British Heart Foundation


  • Acquisition programme
  • Creative and proposition development
  • Media planning
  • Data analysis

The challenge

Every year, the BHF needs to recruit new members for its Heart Matters programme, which supports people living with circulatory disease and other related illnesses or risk factors. For over five years, Burn has been responsible for programme acquisition against tough volume and CPA targets. Every year we have increased volume and lowered costs.

bhf_emai12-minThe solution

Burn’s proprietary creative optimisation process, ‘Proven Creativity’ was initially used to ensure the strongest combination of proposition, imagery, headlines and CTA’s, appropriate to each communication piece. And each year, we continue to live test different messaging and creative executions.

Annually, we plan buy, create and execute a multi-media on and offline campaign, delivering significant reach and simultaneous testing. We consistently upweight best-performing channels and test new channels in a classic champion/challenger approach which ensures we get smarter every year.

Over time we have migrated the programme from predominantly offline to predominantly digital, which provides both efficiency and agility.



As a result of tracking and testing rigour, we have exceeded annual targets for over five years. Every single year, we have increased acquisitions and decreased CPA, in 2018 delivering over 100k members.


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"Burn is lead agency on our flagship membership programme. They plan, create, media buy, implement and evaluate the annual acquisition activity against tough volume and CPA targets. I’m delighted to say that they have performed beyond expectation across all of these skill-sets — beating targets, rigorously testing, always challenging and working collaboratively with me. If you are looking for an agency that can really rely on for on and offline integrated, responsive campaigns, talk to Burn."

Katarina Viglaska

British Heart Foundation