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Powering Innovation Zero's Inaugural Event with HubSpot CRM

Speakers discussing and presenting on Innovation Zero event 2023


Innovation Zero is a leading UK event launched to accelerate meaningful action towards a low carbon economy and society​​. 

Endorsed by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and based at London’s Excel Centre, the inaugural Innovation Zero was the most important event launch of 2023. 

The event combines the concern for climate change with the opportunity for business to take action and drive the transformation.

By building and connecting a global network of innovators, funders, policymakers and non-state actors across disciplines, siloes and geographies, Innovation Zero gives a platform to leaders who inspire change​.


  • HubSpot Platform Onboarding (Marketing and Sales)
  • Revenue Operations - Process Mapping & Design
  • Data Cleaning 
  • Integrations
  • Training

The challenge

Innovation Zero sought a CRM system that would empower their dynamic sales team of 6 while also meeting the diverse needs of their marketing, operations, finance, and other customer-facing teams. As it was the inaugural Innovation Zero event, the project presented some initial challenges. Being a start-up, the team was rapidly expanding and the business was still in the process of defining their processes and systems.

What was clear though was that they were in need of a reliable and efficient platform that would consolidate all their revenue tools in one place, streamlining their operations and enhancing overall efficiency. With the team already utilising various internal systems, as well as telephony call intelligence systems, it was crucial for everything to seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other effectively. Enter HubSpot.

Our approach

Discovery, System Data & Process Review

To initiate the project, we dedicated time to thoroughly discuss Innovation Zero's requirements, comprehend their pain points, and prioritise their needs from the HubSpot platform. Since there were no existing CRM, marketing, or sales platforms in place, we conducted initial workshops to establish processes that align with their team's operations, existing systems and ensure the platform delivers on their goals.

The major challenge we encountered was designing the HubSpot platform to accommodate both attendees and exhibitors. This added complexity because we needed to manage and provide distinct experiences for two different audience groups while ensuring seamless data management.

Solution Design

With a deep understanding of Innovation Zero's objectives, we embarked on developing the fundamental operational, marketing, and sales processes for both attendees and exhibitors. As is customary with CRM projects, our primary focus was to optimise data mapping, journey progression, and customer lifecycle stages. This alignment across the organisation enabled RevOps visibility throughout the entire customer journey, giving Innovation Zero the ability to manage each touchpoint efficiently and effectively.

Another crucial aspect was data management to distinguish between the two core audiences - exhibitors and visitors. By maintaining unique contact records to support various communication programs and marketing automation journeys, constant segmentation based on a logical taxonomy and nomenclature was essential.

HubSpot Build

Once we had established a streamlined process and mapped out the customer journeys, we delved into the task of importing pristine data, connecting ad accounts, and constructing comprehensive dashboards for reporting and analysis. This included linking Google's suite of tools including Ads, analytics, Neverbounce for data cleaning and management, and Zoominfo for enrichment. 

A critical aspect of Innovation Zero's setup was the development of their A-Z sales process and the configuration of the HubSpot deals pipeline. This allowed the correct rotation of leads between their sales team to efficiently drive event registrations while providing precise forecasting and reporting capabilities.

Furthermore, we met their requirement for fully customisable landing pages and email templates, skilfully crafted and implemented on the HubSpot platform by our talented team. This included creating custom forms and compelling calls-to-action, as well as uploading any necessary support documents for their convenience.

Launch & Enablement

After the successful completion of Innovation Zero's HubSpot platform, we conducted a comprehensive training session for the team. During this session, we guided the team through the essential HubSpot tools they were already familiar with, as well as recommending additional tools to maximise their platform's potential. To ensure accessibility and convenience, we recorded the session, allowing the team to easily share it for guidance or as a valuable resource for onboarding new team members.

In the aftermath of Innovation Zero's platform launch, we remained readily available to provide support and assistance. Whether troubleshooting any issues or addressing any questions, we were there to ensure a smooth transition as the team adapted to their new HubSpot platform.

The result

Innovation Zero hosted their inaugural event in May 2023 at the Excel in London, which convened 6,866 experts with the support of their new HubSpot CRM platform to nurture leads to register for the event and build on their relationship.




“The team at Burn helped us set up and implement HubSpot across all business units successfully from ground zero, and provided first-class support and professionalism in our first year of operating - we’re looking forward to continuing to work with Burn in year two, highly recommended and special mention Lana and Nicola!”

James Wight | Marketing Director

Innovation Zero